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Artist : Ugly Drums
Title : The Freak EP
cat # : FACES 1217
Format : Vinyl EP + Digital
Release Date : 15th July 2014
Exclusive Distribution by Rushhour

A1. Ugly Drums “The Freak” feat. Kalakuta Soul Band
A2. Ugly Drums “On The Run”
B1. Ugly Drums “I Dig That Groove” feat. Chesney
B2. Ugly Drums “Hands” feat. :brownstudy

Infos :

Cologne based lone ranger, producer, coffee drinker and occasional bike rider Steffen Baldo aka Ugly Drums has been fine tuning the spokes of his career for 10 hard working years.

Making early marks in the scene with his “Next Room EP” on German based label Polyfon, which received support from Moodymann, MCDE and cemented his reputation early on. Steffen later released dance floor workouts on Rush Hour, Fifty Fathoms Deep, Black Key Records, Quintessential and KOLOR LTD.
His 2013 album left a burning mark on the sample based house scene, pushing the boundaries of the melting pot of his home base Cologne.
Mr Drums has also extensively backed up his original works by remixing the likes of Manuel Tur, Toby Tobias, Holly Backler, Andy Ash, Inkswel and Bartellow.

After the smashing “Get Up” edit released on FACES alongside Kid Sublime and Jayson Brothers, Ugly Drums is back on FACES Records with his best work yet- “The Freak EP”! Co-produced by Kalakuta Soul System, Chesney and featuring Detroit based MC/Producer :brownstudy, Steffen deliver a multi dimensional, raw, untainted EP, that displays a splash of all colours- House, Disco and Hip Hop. A definitive weapon for the record crate!

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Always the same three things from the local Indian grocer. Incense, soap, samosas.

Jerusalem artichokes like whoa.

Crazy huge patch of sweet white clover.

Each show I ask an electronic music producer to select some tracks that are important to them:

(1) Track/s that influenced their starting to make music
(2) Track/s that have blown them away recently
(3) Their favourite own production(s)

This week - interview & Guest Selections from Blak Tony (Anthony Horton), Detroit, USA

More info: https://soundcloud.com/blaktony

Part 1:

Illektrolab and 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro
Aux 88 - Phantom Power
KT-19941 - Face Your Fate
Alien FM - Nightmare (Dub)
Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare
Fade II Black - The Calling (reprise)
(in background) Blak Tony - Snowfall On A Rosebush
Scan 7 - You Have The Right
T.Linder - Respekt
Keith Tucker & Blak Tony - Rock Like This
Professor X - Professor X (Saga)
Dopplereffekt - Speak & Spell
Sango - No One Else
Timeline - Time Sensitive (Los Hermanos remix)
DJ 3000 - Yahia (DJ Nasty remix)
Blak Tony - Down Reach
Aux 88 feat A Number Of Names - Shari Vari 2013 (Blak Tony remix)

Part 2 - guest mix from Lectromagnetique, Ukraine

More info: https://soundcloud.com/lectromagnetique

The Ghost That Walks – Nighdrive Detroit
The Exaltics - Warships Over Jena City
Dmitry Distant - System Control (The Exaltics Remix)
Boris Divider – Citydrome
Busy P - Still Busy (Maelstrom Remix)
Maelstrom – Lux
Boris Divider – Digital Species
Boris Divider – Evolucion (Umwelt Remix)
Dmitry Distant - Monk
Miotek, Salmz - First Contact
Franck Kartell – Electronic Crime
Radioactiveman – Growl
Umwelt – Beyond The Time Barrier
Morphology - Integral Domain

Huge nettle plant.