Always the same three things from the local Indian grocer. Incense, soap, samosas.

Jerusalem artichokes like whoa.

Crazy huge patch of sweet white clover.

Each show I ask an electronic music producer to select some tracks that are important to them:

(1) Track/s that influenced their starting to make music
(2) Track/s that have blown them away recently
(3) Their favourite own production(s)

This week - interview & Guest Selections from Blak Tony (Anthony Horton), Detroit, USA

More info:

Part 1:

Illektrolab and 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro
Aux 88 - Phantom Power
KT-19941 - Face Your Fate
Alien FM - Nightmare (Dub)
Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare
Fade II Black - The Calling (reprise)
(in background) Blak Tony - Snowfall On A Rosebush
Scan 7 - You Have The Right
T.Linder - Respekt
Keith Tucker & Blak Tony - Rock Like This
Professor X - Professor X (Saga)
Dopplereffekt - Speak & Spell
Sango - No One Else
Timeline - Time Sensitive (Los Hermanos remix)
DJ 3000 - Yahia (DJ Nasty remix)
Blak Tony - Down Reach
Aux 88 feat A Number Of Names - Shari Vari 2013 (Blak Tony remix)

Part 2 - guest mix from Lectromagnetique, Ukraine

More info:

The Ghost That Walks – Nighdrive Detroit
The Exaltics - Warships Over Jena City
Dmitry Distant - System Control (The Exaltics Remix)
Boris Divider – Citydrome
Busy P - Still Busy (Maelstrom Remix)
Maelstrom – Lux
Boris Divider – Digital Species
Boris Divider – Evolucion (Umwelt Remix)
Dmitry Distant - Monk
Miotek, Salmz - First Contact
Franck Kartell – Electronic Crime
Radioactiveman – Growl
Umwelt – Beyond The Time Barrier
Morphology - Integral Domain

Huge nettle plant.

Chicory, curly dock. #wildfoods #wildmeds

White shades. I kinda like ‘em. Don’t usually. Feelin’ summery. #whynot