Last weekend I did a solo session, this one was just the opposite. Interview with Octave One along with Tomi from Machinewhisper crew. Boys are bringing a little bit of Detroit to Zagreb next weekend -
Vince Watson in-studio right after that, Pero Fullhouse and Ivan Komlinović brought him right after the soundcheck and we had a nice talk.

01. Marcellis - Come And Boogie
02. Kassem Mosse - Untitled A1 (from Workshop 19)
03. :Brownstudy - In A Better Way [Third Ear Recordings PROMO]
04. :Brownstudy - Towards Improvement [Third Ear Recordings PROMO]
05. :Brownstudy - Red Dreaded Stepchild [Third Ear Recordings PROMO]
06. De La Soul - Let The King Ascend (produced By J Dilla)
07. De La Soul - Who (produced By J Dilla)
08. De La Soul - Dilla Plugged In (produced By J Dilla)
09. Carlos Nilmmns - From Sunset To Twilight
10. Cottam - Deep Deep Down
11. Baeka - Right At It

• interview with Lawrence Burden of Octave One

12. Octave One - Covenant
13. Octave One - ModernisM
14. Octave One - Recognize
15. Octave One - Release (The Dub)
16. Octave One - Cosmic Surf
17. Octave One - Terraforming
18. Vid Vai - Untitled [DEMO]
19. Vid Vai - Down The Line [DEMO]
20. Vid Vai - Procrastinate [DEMO]
21. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Redetach

• Vince Watson in-studio interview

22. Vince Watson - Never Too Late
23. Vince Watson - Fly Like A Bird
24. Vince Watson - Eon [Bio030 PROMO - label’s closing record]

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Grilled pork chops. One reason I’ll never qualify as a legit old-school holy man…

Fantastic mix made by my friend DJ/Producer Déni Shain, currently based in Mexico….spreading good vibes and excellent music.

The songs used here were taken mainly from mastertapes found in Ghana, the others were recorded from obscure vinyls. Needless to say that half of these songs have never been heard before….feel free to download it, share it, play it…just funk it up !!!!!

Enjoy it and spread the word !!
ps: Abraços and big love to Brasil…Saudades !!!

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House is where his heart is but Jorge Caiado’s mind travels far beyond any genre, crossing the full music spectrum. His productions always incorporate different elements and new levels of energy. The new Spotless Mind EP [GR020] follows the path revealed by his ‘Beyond the Atlantic’ debut on Balance, legendary Chicago label run by Chez Damier. Music that reflects his creative vision from inside out.